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Value and Access

Cytel’s early value framework (EVF) provides a comprehensive evidence review and early economic modelling. We also provide a range of complimentary value and access services including PRO strategy, HTA submissions, and affiliate support and training.

Early Value Frameworks

An Early Value Framework (EVF) provides a comprehensive evidence review and early economic modelling which is useful for:

  • Analyzing the clinical program from a payer perspective
  • Identifying critical evidence gaps 
  • Characterizing the drivers of value and uncertainty
  • Developing an evidence generation plan
  • Establishing potential target population size and pricing bands supported by assumed clinical benefits
  • Classifying the potential financial viability of the product

When providing an EVF package, Cytel will also provide a knowledge book, an early value dossier, strategic gap analysis, and recommendation reports.


Other services we offer within ‘Value and Access’

  • PRO strategy 
  • Integrated evidence generation plan
  • Payer interviews and advisory boards
  • HTA submissions: 
    • Early HTA briefing books
    • Dossiers 
    • Advisory boards 
  • Multicriteria decision analyses 
  • Pay per performance contracts
  • Affiliate Support and Training 
    • Mock negotiations and war games
    • Value proposition and model training

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