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The complexity of conducting regression analysis over multiple covariates is well-documented. The challenge only intensifies when coupled with small sample sizes or missing data sets. LogXact aims to provide simple and accurate solutions for such difficulties.

LogXact can handle many varieties of response data including continuous and binary, polytonomous, count, and missing data. Users of the software can be confident of in their results derived from LogXact’s advanced regression techniques.

The Advantages of LogXact 12

LogXact 12 arms statisticians with the most advanced methods in exact inference and regression modeling for rapid and accurate analysis.  Its powerful algorithms enable you to efficiently analyze both stratified and unstratified data sets- no matter their size.  Our expert team of software developers carefully design and test our industry-leading algorithms to ensure validation-readiness along with computational speed – ensuring your peace of mind. 

LogXact continues to set the standard in all facets of regression modeling using exact inference. It is the first to offer the widely acclaimed PMLE procedure that minimizes separation bias while exhibiting significantly lower error rates compared to typical maximum likelihood estimators.

I have worked with StatXact and LogXact for nearly 25 years, and access to the software has given me great reassurance when assessing and analyzing sparse and small sample size data. Cytel software is "state of the science," and I have always been particularly impressed with how it has continually evolved to meet the needs of the research and clinical trials community."
Joseph Cappelleri, Executive Director of Biostatistics, Pfizer Inc.

The Benefits of LogXact 12


Play a more strategic role in your organization: Perform fast and accurate hypothesis-testing that is responsive to an array of trial needs. Obtain reliable results for smaller sample sizes, allowing for timely and cost-effective trials. Redirect time, attention and critical resources to other vital aspects of study success.


Access LogXact’s selection of exact and Monte Carlos tests to increase the statistical power of trial results. Unnecessary risks associated with conventional (asymptotic) testing are curtailed using performance software tha t is fast and accurate.


LogXact simplifies tests that normally require complex calculation. Findings that should be difficult to compute are easy to identify and communicate.


LogXact has harnessed the immense power of Cytel’s nonparametric and exact inference methods to make enduring contributions to the fields of population health, medical and clinical studies, epidemiology, economics, energy, finance, legal studies, natural sciences, geography and the brain sciences. LogXact has received acclaim from both industry and academia for its high quality performance of complex calculations.

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The Features of LogXact 12

The Full Toolkit

LogXact performs regression analysis for continuous, binary, polytonomous and count data. It can also apply advanced regression techniques to data sets with missing values.

Missing Covariates

Only in LogXact can users accurately fit general linear models in cases of missing categorical covariates (models include Logit, Probit, CLoglog, Poisson and Normal).

Large Data Sets

LogXact provides options to handle large data sets using exact methods, Monte Carlo sampling and Markhov Chain Monte Carlo sampling. A useful ‘Exploration Mode’ allows users to specify parameters to build networks that satisfy analysis needs.

Innovations in LogXact 12

  • Saddle point approximation method for inference conditioned on more than one nuisance parameters using higher-order asymptotic.
  • Bias corrected Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) for multinomial data
  • Bias corrected MLE for Exact Poisson regression to complement bias correction method by Firth.

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