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Head-to-Head Comparisons

Using Real World Data
Randomized trials may not be feasible because of cost, ethics, feasibility, or time-constraints. Head-to-head comparisons utilize high-quality real-world datasets to provide evidence when RCTs are not feasible or augment evidence to provide another perspective.
They rely on advanced causal inference methods to address inherent shortcomings of using data that do not come from a randomized experiment.

Cytel Strategy

The Target Trial Emulation approach is a new approach which leverages the design of a clinical trial and through appropriate data source selection and the use of advanced epidemiological and statistical methods allows to provide a comparison of how the drug performs in the actual clinical practice.



Comparative effectiveness established to position your therapy for success.



Strategic clinical trial design to achieve efficiencies in time and cost.



High-quality evidence generation to support medical affairs and payers’ related activities.

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