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Global Health


Cytel’s experts in Global Health work with policy-makers, philanthropists and other geopolitical stakeholders to ensure that low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) benefits from the scientific developments in global biopharma.

Cytel has launched master-protocol designs in BRIC nations to ensure that COVID-19 therapies are available in low resource settings; works closely with ICODA to create large open-source databases for real world evidence generation; and galvanizes private sector partners to contribute to ongoing global health work. 



Cytel marshalls its global network towards ambitious projects for human impact across the Global South.



Epidemiological modeling, synthetic comparators, microsimulations and other novel Bayesian methods are developed by Cytel’s pioneering scientists.



Simulations and artificial intelligence are used to make projections that support and confirm the promise of these novel methods. 

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