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PRESS RELEASE: iDMC Collaboration with South Korea's Trial Informatics


WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- A new partnership between Cytel Inc., a global health analytics firm, and South Korea's Trial Informatics (TI) reveals new opportunities for data-monitoring in the oncology space. This partnership also sees one of the world's most recognized providers of statistical software, biometrics and iDMC services, continue its steady expansion into the Asian market.

Global research in oncology is a quickly evolving industry, with sponsors utilizing complex and innovative approaches to maintain a competitive edge. Now more than ever, standards of care, target populations, and endpoints are more likely to be adapted over the course of a clinical trial. This requires a special set of statistical expertise amongst independent data monitoring companies to ensure that iDMCs can handle the complexity of the data to be evaluated.

Cytel has overseen over 600 iDMCs with at least 100 in the immuno-oncology space. It's AXIO Center for Excellence is a beacon in the industry for the accomplished skill set necessary to ensure quality data monitoring for oncology therapies. TI has also added significant innovation in recent years through the use of its online OncoTrial platform for coordinating and analyzing scattered data.

"Cytel has a long history of contributing to methodological and technological innovations in oncology research, and with TI we continue this momentum as we move further into the APAC market," says Michelle Hoiseth, Cytel's General Manager of PBS. "In both skill and mission, TI is an excellent partner for Cytel."

The partnership between Cytel and TI is set to offer a suite of iDMC services to Korean companies aiming for success in both the foreign and domestic markets. This collaboration will enable more biopharma to benefit from independent assessment of the safety, scientific validity and integrity of an ongoing clinical trial.

"With iDMC from Cytel, we can now ensure efficacy and safety monitoring using the OncoTrial Board solution," says Kyung Won Kim, CEO of Trial Informatics. Dr. Kim's recent innovations have received recognition from TIPS Korea for both productivity and technological impact.

Adds JingPing Yeo, Vice President and Head of APAC at Cytel, "As a leader in the DMC field I am looking forward to Cytel supporting our Korean customers from the collaborative partnership with TI. The experience Cytel brings will provide trusted, independent oversight to clinical trial data, in support of participant safety and statistical evaluations."

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