Covid-19: Conquering Uncertainty





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Need to keep your trial on track?



Trial Disruptions

Trial disruption during COVID-19 can take countless forms, from patient retention and missing data challenges, to the need to re-examine endpoint due to new comorbidities or unexpected difficulties with observation. Given this range of potential difficulties, Cytel statisticians and data scientists are prepared to work with you to identify all potential complications, of your trial, and provide a range of options.

Cytel provides: 

  • Updated Statistical Analysis Plans
  • Solutions to Sparse or Missing Data
  • Examining Endpoint Selection
  • Ensuring Proper Documentation
  • Coordinating DMCs and Unplanned Interim Looks


Cytel software helps you deliver the impossible

You’ve been asked to conduct research at an unprecedented rate – to deliver the impossible.  Cytel’s software portfolio gives you adaptive, Bayesian, and exact tools to go fast and learn.

Design Faster, Smarter COVID-19 Trials: manage uncertainty, improve efficiency, and increase the likelihood of technical success with East. 

  • Design appropriately for small or skewed data 
  • Account for uncertainty in the therapeutic effect 
  • Progress confidently despite imperfect data 
  • Explore more therapies in less time with fewer patients 

Accurately Analyze Imperfect COVID-19 Data: Rethink how you leverage data to draw conclusions with the Xact portfolio.

  • Accurately analyze small or skewed data
  • Leverage historical data

Accelerate Defensible Decisions for Faster COVID-19 Development: Cytel’s OKGO helps you move faster and smarter with a Bayesian framework for structuring decisions in advance

  • Reduce Bias 
  • Increase consistency 
  • Accelerate data review



Preparing for a Covid-19 Clinical trial?




As the race to find a solution to the coronavirus pandemic intensifies a team of data scientists can become important partners on the journey. 

Cytel provides:

  • Meta-analysis and modelling using Real World Evidence
  • Consultations on umbrella, basket and platform trials
  • Bayesian network analysis
  • Synthetic and External Control Arm Construction
  • Real World Data through the COVID-19 Trial Tracker


Quickly and Confidently Address COVID-19 Disruptions

You had a strong plan, but the COVID-19 outbreak is disrupting trials globally.  Get your enrollment forecast and data analysis plan back on track with EnForeSys and StatXact.

  • Confidently conquer enrollment uncertainty: EnForeSys is a simulation tool that simplifies complex modeling, accounts for uncertainty and seasonality, and extracts insights from your prior data so you can more accurately set expectations around your recruitment timelines.
  • Accurately analyze sparse data: When data is missing, asymptotic results given by traditional methods may not be valid. StatXact uses exact methodologies to accurately analyze sparse data. 
  • Adapt stratification plans: StatXact enables the design and analysis of data with stratification if data from only certain centers, geographies, or groups are available.