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A Clinician’s Perspective on Cancer Drugs Development

The presentation focuses on medical oncology (surgery and devices out of scope) and covers:

  • Brief overview on treatment evolution
  • Remaining issues of side effects of immunotherapies
  • Clinician perspective on endpoints (e.g. statistically significant does not mean clinically meaningful)
  • PRO and patients perspectives, evolving health authorities perspective
  • Biomarkers

The speaker uses different examples of oncology trials during the presentation.

Meet the Speaker

Professor Martin Fey is an experienced board-certified Medical Oncologist who provides expertise in the design and conduct of clinical cancer trials. He was a Professor and Head of the University Department of Medical Oncology at the University of Bern and the University Hospital of Bern, Inselspital, from 1994 until 2017. Since then he continues to work as a Senior Consultant in Medical Oncology at the same institution. 

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