Strong Error Control for Multiplicity with East MULTIARM

East MULTIARM guides users through the complexities of multiplicity adjustment in order to construct reliable trials with multiple arms. A crucial regulatory requirement for multi-arm trials is establishing strong control of the family-wise error rate. East provides a variety of multiplicity adjustment measures to confirm strong control, along with advanced calculations that demonstrate a trial’s statistical power.


East MULTIARM enables users to compare the operating characteristics of various trial designs with respect to the FWER, global power, conjunctive power and disjunctive power. Insightful charts and graphics allow for simple comparison and selection of optimal trial design. The merits of each design are easy to communicate to the study team by using East MULTIARM’s powerful simulations and intuitive visuals.


  • Multiple Pairwise Comparisons with a Control:
  • Continuous endpoint: Difference of means
  • Binary endpoint: Difference on proportions
  • Parametric Multiple Comparison Procedures:
    • Dunnett’s single step
    • Dunnett's step down
    • Dunnett's step up
  • P-value based Multiple Comparison Procedures:
    • Bonferroni
    • Sidak
    • Weighted Bonferroni
    • Holm's step down
    • Hochberg's step up
    • Hommel's step up
    • Fixed Sequence
    • Fallback