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Monte Carlo Simulations for Patient Recruitment

A Better Way to Forecast Enrollment

According to an article published in JAMA, the most common cause of trial discontinuation is failure to recruit sufficient patients. Cytel’s innovative trial recruitment simulation platform, EnForeSys presents a way to utilize simulations-based solutions to reduce enrollment uncertainty through accurate forecasting.

These simulations enable sponsors to:

  • Forecast enrollment while accounting for variability at the site level

  • Model fluctuations in enrollment rate for improved targeting

  • Build a more accurate, data-driven feasibility strategy with Monte Carlo modeling

Advantages of a Simulations-Based Approach

Identify Strategic Relationships - For example, if enrollment targets are met in one country, what needs to be done for enrollment plans in other countries?

Depend on Data-Driven Decisions - Since the relationships between key events become clear, there is a greater understanding between stakeholders regarding strategic decision rules.

Enhance Financial Decision-Making - The probabilities associated with model-based outputs can easily integrate with dollar amounts. These can support or oppose decisions on the basis of expected risks and rewards.

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