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Innovative Drug Development at a Glance - The Concepts, The Vision, & The Factors to Consider

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Over the past 10 years, the biostatistics community has made great strides in advancing the mathematical methodologies supporting efficient clinical trial design, yet many companies continue to deploy traditional trial design techniques.

If you are ready to begin the journey toward new levels of clinical trial efficiency and probability of success, join Zoran Antonijevic, longstanding chair and leader of the DIA Adaptive Design Scientific Working Group, for an overview of the more commonly used advanced design methods.

This webinar will define complex innovative trial design, briefly introduce the concepts, summarize the potential benefits of each, and highlight key factors to consider when applying these techniques. With pharmaceutical and biotech companies under the pressure to deliver more and deliver faster with fewer resources, there is no time like the present to embark on this journey.

Meet the Speaker

ZoranZoran Antonijevic is Head of Biometrics at MedSource. He held executive positions in Pharmaceutical Companies and CROs and has designed more than 100 clinical trials in numerous therapeutic areas, many of which included adaptive designs. Zoran is a long-time Chair and leader of the DIA Adaptive Design Scientific Working Group. He has authored numerous papers and scientific presentations and was editor of books “Optimization of Pharmaceutical R&D Programs and Portfolios” and “Platform Trials in Drug Development”.