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Balancing priorities in therapeutics development: simulation-guided decision making

On Demand Webinar

Clinical trials present complex challenges that are often time-consuming and costly. However, imagine if you could harness the power of simulation to guide your decisions and optimize your trial design. Cytel have partnered with Fierce Biotech for a webinar discussing the potential of simulation-guided trial design (SGTD) and its benefits for clinical development strategies. Through the use of real examples, the common myths surrounding trial simulation will be debunked and the speakers will showcase how SGTD empowers you to make better-informed decisions about your therapeutics. This webinar is a must-attend for C-suite executives, clinicians, and statisticians alike, as it unlocks the true potential of SGTD.

Webinar Contents:

  • Explore the Advantages of a Simulation-Guided Approach to Trial Design and Clinical Development
  • Dispel Common Myths About the Meaning of Trial Simulation
  • How Simulation-Guided Trial Design Can Support communication with Boards and Investors
  • Illustrate the Concept of Simulation-Guided Design Through a Real Example

Register to watch the webinar on demand to unravel the potential of Simulation-Guided Trial Design (SGTD) and empower you to revolutionize your clinical development strategies. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock the power of SGTD.

Meet the Speakers: 

  • Albert Kim, CMO, Cytel

  • Natalia Muehlemann, Vice President, TDT, Cytel

  • James Matcham, Vice President Statistical Strategic Consulting, TDT, Cytel

  • Ari Brettman, Senior Managing Director, Blackstone Life Sciences

  • Jess Brown, Global Clinical Lead, AstraZeneca

Meet the Speakers

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