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US Drug Pricing Reform: Potential impact on Pharma HEOR evidence generation

On Demand Webinar

On Aug 7th, 2022, the US House of representatives passed a bill on budget reconciliation which included a section on US Drug pricing reform (Part B). The reform requires federal government to negotiate drug prices under Medicare to ensure significant discounts on branded therapies and eliminate annual price increases. The bill further requires pharmaceutical companies to pay rebates if drug prices rise faster than inflation for Medicare and private insurances.

Join experts Anna Forsythe, Vice President Value & Access at Cytel, and Dr. Edmund Pezalla, Founder & CEO of Enlightenment Bioconsult, as they discuss the impact of this reform on pricing of new and established therapies and the potential role of health economic evidence to justify product value in future negotiations with CMS.

Webinar Key Learning Points:

  • Summary of reform and potential impact to pharma industry
  • Types of drugs that may be impacted by the reform
  • Impact of reform for new and existing drugs
  • How private payers may be impacted by this reform?
  • Scope for pharma negotiation based on value-based pricing and supporting HEOR evidence?
  • How pharma companies can prepare

Meet the Speakers: 

  • Anna Forsythe, Vice President Value and Access, Cytel 
  • Dr. Edmund Pezalla, Founder and CEO of Enlightenment Bioconsult, LLC

Meet the Speakers

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