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Using Real World Evidence (RWE) in NMAs: Synthetic Control Arm’s and Quantitative Bias Analysis

On Demand Webinar

In the final webinar of Cytel's Comparative Effectiveness series. Led by Grammati Sarri, Kristian Thorlund and Paul Arora who will delve into using Real World Evidence (RWE) in NMAs, with a focus on Synthetic Control Arm's and Quantitative Bias Analysis. 

Firstly, Grammati will share insights into how to generate Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies from literature that are suitable for comparative effectiveness analysis. Discover how to extract relevant data from literature and how to validate the results obtained from RWE studies.

Next, Kristian will explore the use of Synthetic Control Arm (SCA) studies as a powerful tool for conducting robust comparative effectiveness analyses of single-arm trials. Learn about the benefits of SCA studies and how they can help overcome the challenges of traditional controlled trials.

Finally, Paul will introduce a novel method of quantitative bias analysis that can be used to understand the remaining unobserved bias in un-anchored comparisons. This will help to identify and account for potential sources of bias, improving the accuracy and reliability of your comparative effectiveness analyses.

Join us for this informative webinar, where you will gain valuable insights into the latest techniques and tools for conducting robust comparative effectiveness analyses.

Meet the Speakers: 

  • Paul Arora, Vice President, Advanced Epidemiology, Cytel
  • Kristian Thorlund, SVP Real World Analytics, Cytel
  • Grammati Sarri, Head of RWAA Scientific Affairs, Cytel


Meet the Speakers

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