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Beyond traditional NMAs: flexible time-to-event NMAs

On Demand Webinar

In the third webinar of Cytel's Comparative Effectiveness series. Led by Bart Heeg, Gabriel Tremblay, and Emma Mackay, this webinar will delve into Flexible time-to-event NMAs and their consequences. The experts will highlight the significance of Bayesian hierarchical TTE NMA in overcoming immature pivotal trial data.

During the session, Emma will present a case study that focuses on Bayesian hierarchical TTE NMAs for tumor agnostic trials. Gabriel will also discuss the application of theses from a HTA modelling acceptance perspective. 

Join us for this informative session and gain valuable insights into the importance of Flexible time-to-event NMAs and the Bayesian hierarchical TTE NMA.

Meet the Speakers: 

  • Bart Heeg, Vice President HEOR Global, Cytel
  • Gabriel Tremblay, Vice President, Advanced Analytics
  • Emma Mackay, Research Principal, Statistics


Meet the Speakers

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