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Comparative Effectiveness - methods and techniques for better decision making

On Demand Webinar

In the first of Cytel's 4-part webinar series, introducing novel comparative effectiveness methods and how these can be used to better support product value. In the 1st webinar Maria and Bart will explain the recent challenges with ITCs specifically in rare disease and oncology and introduce INGRESSA  framework for selecting appropriate methodology for comparative effectiveness.

Following three webinars will discuss specific method for anchored and un-anchored analyses, as well as methods addressing premature outcomes data and use of real-world evidence in comparative effectiveness. You can register for the remaining webinars here

The first webinar, “Comparative Effectiveness — Methods and Techniques for Better Decision-Making,” will explore:

  • The importance of ITCs in Health Technology Assessments (HTAs) as well as the recent challenges with ITCs, specifically in rare diseases and oncology
  • About the INGRESSA framework for selecting appropriate methodology for comparative effectiveness depending on the data with examples from case studies, including single-arm trials with heterogeneous populations
Meet the Speakers: 
  • Maria Rizzo,  Vice President HEOR EU, Cytel
  • Bart Heeg, Vice President HEOR Global, Cytel


Meet the Speakers

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