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Proposed platform using miniPDX to overcome some limitations

On Demand Webinar

Join Cytel in partnership LIDE Biotech for a new series of webinars, exploring the use of co-clinical trials in expediting drug development for cancer patients. Co-clinical trials uses functional diagnostic testing and clinical trials, conducted simultaneously, to enable real-time data integration to accurately stratify and customize treatment for patients individually. 

During the Sixth webinar in the co-clinical trial for patient stratification in oncology drug early development series, Dr Kaimeng Hu will discuss the history and important advances of mouse clinical trials in preclinical stage. Moreover, he will share how MiniPDX, a novel mouse model, combine with a multi-omics platform, are used for patient stratification and as an exploratory arm of clinical trial.

Dr Kaimeng Hu will discuss: 

  • The history of co-clinical trials and the limitations of the current applied models
  • MiniPDX model as an optimizing strategy and its advantages in the co-clinical trial
  • The use of MiniPDX + Omics in the exploratory arm of clinical trial design
  • Real trial design for IO drug and ADC drugs

Meet the Speaker: 

  • Dr Kaimeng Hu, Executive Director of Translational Medicine, Shanghai Lide Biotech Co., Ltd


Meet the Speakers

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