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Can co-clinical trail be a solution for me?

On Demand Webinar

Join Cytel in partnership LIDE Biotech for a new series of webinars, exploring the use of co-clinical trials in expediting drug development for cancer patients. Co-clinical trials uses functional diagnostic testing and clinical trials, conducted simultaneously, to enable real-time data integration to accurately stratify and customize treatment for patients individually. 

During the fourth webinar in the co-clinical trial for patient stratification in oncology drug early development series, 2 chief physicians in Oncology research will discuss their experiences in development of PDX models and precision treatment strategies. Professor Haitao Wang will discuss the practical approach in individualized precision treatment strategies for advanced refractory tumors. The innovative model of precision treatment discussed will include molecular classification of tumors, limitations in molecular typing and interpretation of NGS data, MTB mode, and few case studies.

Meet the Speakers: 

  • Haitao Wang, Doctoral Supervisor, Chief Physician, Director of Oncology, Director of Radiation Therapy, Director of Precision Medicine Research Center, The Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University

Meet the Speaker

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