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Novel Methods of Trial Design

On Demand Webinar

Cytel is partnering with LIDE Biotech to conduct a series of webinars, in exploring the use of co-clinical trials in expediting drug development for cancer patients. Co-clinical trials uses functional diagnostic testing and clinical trials, conducted simultaneously, to enable real-time data integration to accurately stratify and customize treatment for patients individually. 

During the second webinar in this series, Dr. Yuan Ji will provide a brief introduction of Bayesian statistics and their relevance to clinical trial designs while also presenting basic concepts of statistical modeling and decision making as well as advanced novel designs for early-phase and late-phase clinical trials. For early-phase oncology trials, Dr. Yuan Ji will list a few recent developments for dose optimization and for late-phase trials will discuss examples of fundamental issues of statistical errors.

Meet the Speaker: 

  • Dr Yuan Ji, Professor of Biostatistics, The University of Chicago

Meet the Speakers

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