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Functional Diagnosis for Patient Stratification in New Drug R&D

On Demand Webinar

In our upcoming webinar Cytel is partnering with LIDE Biotech to conduct a series of webinars, in exploring the use of co-clinical trials in expediting drug development for cancer patients. In co-clinical trials, the preclinical studies using functional diagnostic testing and clinical trials will be conducted simultaneously, enabling real-time data integration to accurately stratify and customize treatment for patients individually. MiniPDX, a new #technology developed by Shanghai LIDE Biotech, offers a faster alternative to PDX, without losing predictive power for drug response.

The first webinar on 1 December 2022, Cytel has invited LIDE President and CEO Dr Danyi Wen to discuss its pros and cons, role in personalized #oncology, and use for patient stratification in early #clinicaltrials. Register today to join us in the session!

       Functional Diagnosis includes:
     1.    CRC: Conditional Reprogrammed Cell
     2.    Organoid
     3.    PDX: Patient Derived Xenograft

  • MiniPDX, in vivo version of organoid assay, overcomes the hurdles of long duration of PDX and the limitation of in vitro dosing (CRC and Organoid).  This could be an effective way of patient stratification in early stage of clinical trial.
  • MiniPDX + Omics are playing important roles in personalized oncology, as omics analysis enables the identification of biomarkers through advanced bioinformatics analysis. 
  • IO-FIVE (Immuno-Oncology Fast In Vivo Efficacy test), as the IO version of MiniPDX, can be used as companion diagnosis for patient stratification. 

Webinar Key Learning Points:

  • Pros & Cons of MiniPDX in comparing with Organoid and PDX
  • Evidence based II-T:  MiniPDX for Personalized Oncology
  • MiniPDX & IO-FIVE for patient stratification in oncology drug early development

Meet the Speaker: 

  • Dr Danyi Wen, Founder, President & CEO, Shanghai LIDE Biotech Co. Ltd

Meet the Speakers

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