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Value Communication

Clear and compelling value communication is essential to successful commercialization and reimbursement activities.

Cytel’s world-class, highly experienced value communication consultants provide a full range of HEOR and market access communication offerings, including value propositions, global value dossiers (GVDs), Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) dossiers, HTA submissions, early scientific advice briefing books, infographics, white papers, and HEOR publication support.

Value Propositions

The value proposition is the linchpin of market access and must convey the essential elements of value (disease burden and unmet need and the clinical, humanistic, and economic value of a product) in a concise and visually appealing manner, with the most robust scientific evidence. Our team has extensive experience to craft cogent and credible value propositions for products across a wide range of indications in oncology, haematology, rare disease, and autoimmune conditions.

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Global Value Dossiers (GVD)

The foundation of every GVD is a compelling and credible story that clearly demonstrates your product’s value proposition. Grounded in a strong understanding of payer requirements and affiliate needs, our approach ensures GVDs strike the perfect balance between being comprehensive and concise. By leveraging signposting, illustrations, and tables, we ensure that content is engaging as well as optimized for readability and adaptability.

AMCP Dossiers

In the US, AMCP dossiers represent an important opportunity to present crucial evidence for health technologies that may help inform reimbursement and formulary decision making. Our understanding of the process, key stakeholders, and their preferences has allowed us to create a set of best practices to maximize value and minimize unnecessary complexity.

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Objection handlers

On the journey to access and reimbursement, affiliates will inevitably face challenges from payers. An objection handler is an important asset for local teams that enables them to respond to objections confidently and consistently.

At Cytel, we critically appraise available evidence to anticipate objections and work directly with stakeholders to include their experiences. We focus on providing tailored solutions to overcome obstacles.


Publications are key to providing a strong, strategic evidence base for your product in its indication. Papers and presentations covering important topics including disease burden, unmet need, clinical benefit, comparative effectiveness, and economic impact provide visibility to clinical and payer audiences to support reimbursement efforts and inform clinical practice. The creation of high-quality publications depends on a keen understanding of the research, an astute awareness of the target, and the ability to convey complex topics with clarity and nuance. Our team offers unparalleled scientific expertise, we’ve been integral to the development of hundreds of publications.

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Why Cytel

Cytel’s Value Communications offerings are developed by highly specialized HEOR writers based in the US, UK, Canada, and New Zealand. All of our writers have graduate degrees and significant experience in medical and HEOR communications. We are strategists, storytellers, objection handlers, and scientists, not medical writers trying to interpret unfamiliar HEOR evidence nor HEOR analysts reporting results.

Meet our experts


Elizabeth Hubscher, PhD

Principal and Director of Value Communications

Stephanie Oldham, MSc

Associate Director, Value Communications
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Shilpa Chennakrishnaiah, PhD

Associate Director, Value Communications
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Nesrin Vurgun, PhD

Senior Value Communications Writer
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Leah Wiltshire, BPharm

Senior Value Communications Writer