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Future direction of interactive tool for health technology assessment: LiveBIM, LiveOS, LiveUtility, & LiveCEM

As continuation of previous webinar on LiveHTA (Part 1) Cytel experts will discuss the future direction of “Living” tools to support implementation of more responsive, innovative processes for the technologies’ assessment and how LiveBIM, LiveOS, LiveUtility and LiveCEA together with LiveSLR and LiveNMA may form a basis of a fully, “living” approach to health technology assessment. 

The second webinar in the series looks to draw the following key learnings:

  • Discuss future of flexible “liveHTA” approaches 
  • Demonstrate LiveBIM, LiveOS, LiveUtility and LiveCEA


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Bart Heeg

Bart has more than 20 years of experience in leading and conducting health economic and outcomes research consulting projects for pharmaceutical industry, such as trial analyses, economic modelling, and indirect treatment comparisons for HTA submissions. Prior to merging with Cytel Bart co-founded Ingress-health in 2015. Bart is passionate about developing or extending methodologies such as Bayesian survival network meta-analyses, developing tumor agnostic models and models for early/adjuvant oncology therapies. Bart has a PhD in health economics from the University of Groningen.


Andre Verhoek

Using his background in econometrics, Andre focuses on advanced analytics in HEOR. He has a wealth of experience in developing global cost-effectiveness models, Bayesian network meta-analyses and working with innovative HEOR technology products within Cytel’s LiveHTA suite.


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