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Early Phase Solutions

As sponsors prepare to explore the full potential of a new product, they need a team known to reveal product value with swift delivery and precise execution. Cytel’s renowned clinical trial implementation team consists of experts in Data Management, Biostatistics, Statistical Programming, Medical Writing and other capabilities necessary to give your clinical trial the best chance to prove its value.

Understanding the Potential of New Therapies

Known for our proficiency in clinical trial biometrics solutions, Cytel also has a proven track-record of developing the statistical software and operational tools that solve an array of early-phase clinical trial challenges. 

Our clinical trial implementation teams are trained to work with a variety of dose-escalation designs, and quickly pinpoint MTD using both rule-based and model-based dose-escalation. They implement with efficiency and create the body of evidence you need to make vital decisions for your clinical trial.

A number of issues can arise when conducting an early-phase clinical trial, often quite dependent on therapeutic area or clinical trial design. Our high-efficiency clinical trial experts have worked across therapeutic areas and have the industry experience to be responsive to challenges as they arise, as well as to spot novel opportunities for early-phase trials.

Cytel’s early-phase teams have the advanced knowledge to work with both Bayesian and Frequentist designs, initiate learning through small sample datasets, and make clinical data easily accessible to a sponsor’s study team as well as trial clinicians



Quickly identify the potential of new clinical therapies.



Use traditional and novel early-phase dose-escalation techniques that match your clinical operations needs.



Statistical insight delivered with speed and operating procedures designed for the curation of quality clinical data.

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