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Axio Data Monitoring Committee

At Cytel, we know that you entrust your Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) with a great deal of responsibility, often at the most critical stages of clinical development. We are here to protect the integrity of your clinical trial.

Experienced DMCs

Axio (a Cytel company) has supported clients in the planning and management of more than 2,500 DMC meetings for over 600 clinical trials, in all major therapeutic areas - making us one of the foremost companies in this field. Our broad experience supporting DMCs covers small molecules, biologics and medical devices.

In addition, to promote optimum review of our clients’ interim study data by their DMCs, we have developed a distinctively user-friendly, easily referenced report format and other innovations that ensure the clear presentation of data.

Our Approach

Our approach is to coordinate and manage DMC projects to fit the specific requirements of every clinical study and to serve as client liaison to the DMC - providing either a selection or the full complement of support services needed to facilitate efficient DMC operation.



Turnkey solutions for monitoring patient safety and ensuring trial integrity.



Highly qualified staff specially trained to serve as independent statisticians for DMCs.



Statistical expertise in trial design and implementation, and in delivering comprehensive DMC support services.

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