Program & Portfolio Optimization

One of the greatest challenges for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies is how to reduce costs and accelerate development without compromising chances of success. Cytel believes that such an objective can only be accomplished by simultaneous consideration of the following three components of programs & portfolios:

  • Comparing development options based on the Expected Net Present Value (ENPV)
  • Use of powerful simulations to determine which strategic options maximize the ENPV
  • Adaptive Financing achieved through the alignment of investors' incentives and optimistic interim looks

Our Expertise

As industry leaders in both statistical forecasting and adaptive clinical trial design, Cytel can help you design trials with a sound risk profile to provide both sponsors and potential investors with reasonable investment options. Our statistical forecasting mechanisms locate trials with great potential, allowing for the elimination of unnecessary trials. 

Let Cytel help you: 

  • Determine if combined phase trials will help you cut down on development time
  • Forecast trial results for optimal decision-making
  • Optimize Phase 2 data in preparation for Phase 3
  • Secure investment for Phase 3 trials through the construction of clinical development risk profiles 
  • Calculate the ENPV of your trial 

Our Experience

Cytel has helped numerous sponsors considerably improve product ENPV. We had discovered that for adaptive trials, combining phases and designing with multiple arms can save critical resources. Furthermore, calculations for ENPV can technically update during interim looks. However, by negotiating for all eventualities at the outset, sponsors can secure investments without compromise. 

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