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Our scientific surveys help to answer a variety of questions: from quality of life of patients to their adherence to treatments and their treatment preferences.

Patient adherence surveys

Non-adherence to treatment is associated with poorer clinical outcomes, higher healthcare costs and even, in some diseases, higher mortality rates. Patient surveys constitute a vital tool for understanding how therapy is administered in real-world environments, and for identifying and managing the risk of non-adherence by assessing its causes.

The Adherence Assessment Questionnaire (AAQ) is a validated tool for assessing the degree of treatment adherence among patients, while the Adherence Barriers Questionnaire (ABQ) is a validated instrument for identifying causes of non-adherence. Both are used in our adherence surveys and provide our clients with a powerful tool to better understand and enhance treatment adherence.

Preference surveys

Both regulatory and HTA bodies are increasingly interested in incorporating patient preferences into their decision-making processes; respective guidelines published by the FDA and EMA exist for these purposes.

We are specialists at planning and conducting high-quality patient preference research. Our step-wise approach, as well as our in-depth knowledge of preference elicitation methods (such as traditional Conjoint Analyses, Discrete Choice Experiments, Analytical Hierarchy Processes, etc.) makes us a unique and well-suited partner for implementing these types of studies, which can be rolled out in all major international markets. We also conduct patient preference surveys, with an option to include physicians in this type of research.

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