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Linked Database Studies

Policy makers, clinicians and researchers are demonstrating increasing interest in using data linked from multiple sources to support measurement of clinical performance, patient-reported outcomes and health-economic outcomes.

Linked datasets allow for the combination of diverse information, collected from various sources, such as claims data, medical chart data, prospective observational sources, social media channels and surveys, in order to interrogate real-world issues and solve real-world problems. They constitute an exceptional source of data for scientific RWE research for a variety of reasons. Foremost, they possess all the strengths and few of the weaknesses of single-source datasets!

Linked datasets are used for validation of proxies which are typically used in database studies, in PASS studies that include outcomes validation parts, and in advanced database studies that require both clinical and non-clinical data.

Cytel RWE uses both probabilistic and personal linkage methods to link data globally. Furthermore, in some countries like Germany, we possess unique capabilities to combine real-world claims data on a patient level (personal linkage) with other data sources such as medical chart, prospective and/or survey data.

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