Watch the first webinar in our C-Suite Webinar Series to learn how preliminary testing of Cytel’s Advanced Design Framework has consistently identified opportunities to increase clinical development productivity 10-20%.


Despite the emergence of complex innovative trial designs, the success of Phase 3 trials has hovered at about 30-35% for the past decade, while the average time it takes for a drug to reach the market has stagnated at 6 years. The promise of adaptive designs that provide flexibility in the face of uncertainty remains largely unfulfilled.

The challenge appears to have been a combination of technology constraints and incomplete clinical development team processes that made it nearly impossible to secure the optimal statistical design.

With the advent of cloud-powered products that can create hundreds of thousands of designs within less than an hour, and with strategic improvements to the end-to-end development team process, sponsors can now determine the optimal design given the vast multitude of possibilities. Cytel’s thought leaders have spent over a decade perfecting an Advanced Design Framework to channel trial designs towards their global optimum.

Chief Scientific Officer Yannis Jemiai will introduce the three elements of this framework in this webinar, explaining how the new Advanced Design Framework can couple with technology and process changes to identify designs that can substantially shorten development timelines and increase probability of trial success.


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