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Biotech Clinical Trial Program Saved by Cloud-Powered Simulation Platform

A small biotech sponsor’s conventional clinical trial design of 412 patients enrolled across 2.5 years was too expensive to implement—putting their innovative carcinoma treatment at risk.  Facing the risk that their therapy may not make it to market without the necessary financial resources, the sponsor looked to pursue a stage-gate funding approach. The financial strategy depended on cost-effective and strategically timed evidence collection paired with a reduction in trial duration—all while maintaining the probability of success.


Using Solara, Cytel’s statistical experts simulated 59 million trials in less than 30 minutes and worked with the sponsor to identify the optimal design options requiring the least number of sites and patients with the highest probability of success.


Find out how the sponsor was able to use Solara’s revolutionary capabilities to find a design that accommodated evolving R&D priorities and budget constraints while minimizing the executional risk of implementing the selected design in hours instead of weeks.


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