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Reshaping the relationship between forecasting and evidence technology.

Aligning evidence for regulatory requirements and global market access requirements depends on accurate forecasting which considers an ever-changing market landscape. As the evidence thresholds for regulatory bodies differ from those of market-access gatekeepers, manufacturers run the risk of misaligned or insufficient evidence to achieve success through both hurdles.

Cytel is reshaping this relationship with the use of two revolutionary technologies; Solara and LiveSLR, together these platforms can be used to ensure the correct and sufficient forecasting is performed and sufficient evidence is generated to increase a therapy's probability of success.


Solara is a clinical trial strategy platform that combines massive cloud compute with Cytel algorithms to dramatically expand available design options for confident selection of the optimal design. Unifying statistical design and clinical strategy to improve clinical development productivity, Solara helps teams control uncertainty, minimize costs, and accelerate speed to market. 


Cytel’s unique LiveSLR software is different. Created by an intelligent human-machine partnership, it uses the power and scope of an AI scan combined with the judgement of an industry-leading evidence generation team with three decades of experience. The result is a systematic and comprehensive database of the highest quality global research at your fingertips. Always up to date, and easy to access through our user friendly, interactive, online platform. Cytel LiveSLR provides a real-time review that is fast, specific, and wholly relevant to your product, whenever you need it.


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