Aligning clinical strategy with regulatory and market objectives through modern forecasting

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Reshaping the relationship between forecasting and evidence technology.

Aligning evidence for regulatory requirements and global market access requirements depends on accurate forecasting which considers an ever-changing market landscape. As the evidence thresholds for regulatory bodies differ from those of market-access gatekeepers, manufacturers run the risk of misaligned or insufficient evidence to achieve success through both hurdles.

In a thought-provoking podcast with Clinical Research News, Anna Forsythe, Cytel's Vice President of Value and Access discusses how Cytel is reshaping the relationship between evidence and forecasting technology and how understanding;

  • How evidence generation strategies need to factor in clinical trial strategy and design

  • Why the alignment of both regulatory and market access evidence strategy is so important

  • How new technologies are affecting the conversation about evidence generation and clinical trial planning

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Anna Forsythe
Vice President of Value & Access

A Russian pianist turned HEOR disruptor, Anna Forsythe cofounded Purple Squirrel Economics (a Cytel company) to provide curated evidence and economic modeling to support HTA. She capitalizes on over two decades of experience in global product commercialization, strategic drug development, market access, HEOR and pricing reimbursement to form unique strategic insight to clients.

Anna is an adjunct professor of health economics at Long Island University College of Pharmacy, a guest lecturer at Rutgers University Business School, and is widely considered a thought-leader within the HEOR space.

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