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As pioneers of small sample methods Cytel continues to provide innovative methods for contending with the challenges of small and sparse data. With the combined power of StatXact, LogXact, and StatXact and LogXact PROCs software from Cytel, statisticians with advanced methods for exact inference, power and regression analysis.

Special Features

The Xact Suite features methods difficult to find elsewhere, particularly exact Poisson Regression, Negative Binomial Regression and Bayesian methods for small and sparse data.

Altogether over 150 different tests are available in StatXact and LogXact.  Needless to say, Cytel works with the industry's most acclaimed biostatisticians to ensure strict Type I error control for all of its small sample methods.

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StatXact® 12

Small, sparse and missing data provide specific challenges for statisticians. StatXact provides the world’s most comprehensive toolkit for such analyses, offering more than 150 tests and procedures into a validated software package. 

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LogXact® 12

LogXact sets the standard in all facets of regression modeling using exact methods including specialized methods like Exact Poisson Regression.

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Xact® PROCs

Xact PROCs enable even more users to benefit from these methods. StatXact Proc additionally combines such calculations with innovative methods that enhance speed, and is never caught in indefinite calculations.

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Rapid calculations of time-consuming computation using a combination of statistical and technological prowess.



Methods for small sample clinical trials, approaches for missing data, and other tools for the effective statistician.



Trusted quantitative methods for difficult scenarios.

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