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Xact® PROCs

StatXact® PROCs [SXP] and LogXact® PROCs [LXP] apply StatXact and LogXact’s robust selection of statistical techniques to the SAS data management system to create a powerful hybrid for data mining and analysis. Many algorithms not normally available to SAS users become available with the addition of the PROCs.

The Advantages of Xact PROCs

SXP combines accurate performance with enhanced speed through methodological innovations like the ‘Important Monte Carlo Sampling’ procedure. This feature alone improves calculation speed by up to 1000 times those of conventional methods. Due to its established team of statisticians, SXP is situated to provide the most recent developments in exact inference.

SXP is never caught in indefinite calculations, nor does it crash when calculations become too cumbersome. Instead it guarantees that calculations will either be completed or that users will receive immediate notification of infeasibility.

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