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Trial Implementation Software

Cytel doesn't just offer world class trial design. Cytel has a full range of smart tools for streamlining trial implementation including Enforesys to predict enrollment, FlexRandomizer to ensure proper randomization, and ACES - the necessary companion for every DMC.  We have also routinely worked with sponsors to create bespoke software for specialized needs.

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Cytel’s experts have over three decades worth of experience in building technology for clinical trial success.

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Cytel's Access Control Execution System (ACES) supports Data Monitoring Committees (DMCs) with a web-based trial workflow and document management system. Trial sponsors can also use ACES to comply with regulatory guidance while communicating in a secure environment with the DMC, Independent Statistical Center, and the clinical team.

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Accurate randomization forms the backbone of all clinical trials, but manual randomization is labor-intensive and makes a clinical trial vulnerable to bias and human error. FlexRandomizer provides a robust platform to create randomizations securely and efficiently.

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EnForeSys is a user-friendly decision-making tool which leverages simulation methods to predict enrollment targets with a high degree of accuracy. By incorporating realistic trial assumptions based on historical data into its predictions, EnForeSys puts clinical test administrators in full control of the many factors which affect enrollment. With improved predictability, enhanced data insight,  and top-rated simulators EnForeSys can ensure trail feasibility projections are realistic.

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Technology that reduces mistakes and helps clinical trial sponsors hit trial implementation targets.



Strategic and insightful tools for Clinical Operations, DMCs and more.



Data-driven insights for confident decision-making.

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