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StatXact® 12

StatXact® 12 provides statisticians in disciplines across the social and natural sciences with the world’s most expansive toolkit for exact inference and power analysis. Offering more than 160 tests and procedures, the StatXact® suite has transformed the complex algorithms of modern statistical analysis into a validated software package with a user-friendly interface.

The Advantages of StatXact

StatXact offers more tests and procedures for exact inference and power analysis than any other software package on the market. Fast and accurate inferences are compiled on an easy-to-use interface, drawing on complex algorithms created by Cytel’s team of statistical experts.

Our experts are constantly developing new types of exact tests, broadening the selection of calculations available to our users. Many of these methods are only available to StatXact users, and have received acclaim for their performance from both industry and academia.

Benefits of StatXact 12


Play a more strategic role in your organization: Perform fast and accurate hypothesis-testing that is responsive to an array of trial needs. Obtain reliable results for smaller sample sizes, allowing for timely and cost-effective trials. Redirect time, attention and critical resources to other vital aspects of study success.


StatXact simplifies tests that normally require complex calculation. Findings that should be difficult to compute are easy to identify and communicate.



StatXact has harnessed the immense power of Cytel’s nonparametric and exact inference methods to make enduring contributions to the fields across the natural and social sciences, receiving acclaim from both industry and academia for its high quality performance of complex calculations.



Access StatXact’s selection of exact and Monte Carlos tests to increase the statistical power of trial results. Unnecessary risks associated with conventional (asymptotic) testing are curtailed using performance software that is fast and accurate.

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