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Biotech innovator Da Volterra leverages Solara™ to de-risk their clinical trial and optimize commercial strategy.

Challenged by a strict enrollment limit of 1,100 patients, Da Volterra had a sample size re-estimation (SSR) design that only produced marginal gains in power over the fixed sample size.

Facing the risk that a sub-optimal design would prevent a good drug from reaching patients, Da Volterra’s Chief Medical Officer sought a way to consider options that conventional wisdom would ignore.

Working with Cytel’s statistical consultants and their powerful new trial strategy platform Solara TM , in less than 2 hours Da Volterra was able to examine:

● 151.2 million patient lives simulated
● 1,512 combinations of design options and scenario variants

Find out how Da Volterra was able to use Solara’s revolutionary capabilities to rapidly prioritize design options and confidently select a low-risk trial design within hours.

Download the case study to discover how Solara enabled Da Volterra to rapidly identify a trial design with reduced the risk of faulty conclusions.

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"We found an optimal design in hours that might have taken months to find using standard methods.”

- Chief Medical Officer, Da Volterra

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