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Conquer the uncertainties in your clinical development program

Quickly and efficiently identify the clinical trial design that will get the right answer for your clinical development program

Solara® is the first-to-market clinical trial strategy platform for simulation-guided clinical study design and selection. Using Solara, product development team explore thousands of new and varied design options, carefully pressure-test designs across a range of potential scenarios, and quantify tradeoffs to manage uncertainty, minimize costs, and accelerate speed to market.

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Solara helps you find the best designs fast

  • Reduce trial cost and/or duration by 10 – 20% on average
  • Maximize probability of technical success
  • Visualize risk scenarios and build your strategy
  • Answer risk-based questions within minutes to improve strategic discussions
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Design clinical trials that produce reliable, unbiased data to prove the efficacy and safety of therapeutics against constraints including cost, time, and operational feasibility

Solara uniquely combines your team’s input and design parameters with Cytel’s proprietary statistical design algorithms, and applies cloud powered parallel processing to generate thousands of models of simulated trials.
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Digitalization to increase transparency and streamline your trial design workflow

Solara’s user-friendly interface and dynamic visualizations create a digital workbench that simplifies collaboration and communication between biostatistics, medical, clinical operations, governance, and other disciplines. Teams can analyze simulated models to evaluate projected design performance, identify risks, optimize across multiple parameters, and adjust prioritization weighting to filter and match designs to organizational priorities in real time.

  1. Explore thousands of trial design options with variations across parameters including sample size, number of events, timing of interim analyses and more
  2. Pressure test design options against various scenarios such as low patient recruitment, endpoint selection, choice of target populations, and weak or delayed treatment effect
  3. Assess and quantify tradeoffs to align priorities and make critical decisions with confidence
Solara helps prevent delays of weeks or months by providing a productivity boost that accelerates timelines and routinely enables teams to further optimize or find alternative designs.

Explore Design Options

Multiple interactive visualizations of the entire simulated design space enabling teams to evaluate design robustness, view performance and assess tradeoffs based on their priorities.

Find Designs

Responsive search tool allows users to set minimum and maximum thresholds for multiple trial operating characteristics to evaluate performance of qualified designs under every scenario.
Find Designs

Pressure Test Designs

One interactive dashboard for the whole development team to compare top-recommended designs and forecasted performance against different scenarios in real time.
Test Designs

Multivariate prioritization plot

Evaluate and easily communicate tradeoffs in power, duration, cost, and sample size across varying assumed scenarios.
Radar Plot - Final

Timeline view

Observe impacts to study milestones across a variety of scenarios, sort design options based on timing and performance, and view key timeline information.
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