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Confident selection of your optimal clinical trial design

Solara is the first trial strategy platform that combines massive cloud compute with Cytel algorithms to dramatically expand available options for confident selection of your optimal clinical trial design.

Unifying Statistics and Strategy

Simulating thousands of trial design types and variations against environmental scenarios in minutes, Solara generates an expansive range of models for development teams to consider – far exceeding the capabilities of other tools or traditional methods.

Solara’s data visualizations provide a shared context for statistical design and commercial strategy, enabling you to align priorities and decide with confidence on the optimal design options for maximum business impact and greatest patient benefit.

The result is revolutionary: innovative opportunities to shorten trial duration and reduce cost without loss of power.


Transforming Collaboration and Decision-making


For CMOs

  • Identify the optimal design to prove the value of your innovation.
  • Gain insight into risk factors for scientifically-driven business decisions.
  • Accelerate speed of therapy to patients with unmet needs.

For Clinical Development

  • Real-time consideration of design option alternatives without additional effort and time.
  • Improve trial performance through optimizing for trade-off options by understanding how to optimize against tradeoff options.
  • Balance quality, time and cost to rapidly identify your optimal design.

For Statisticians

  • Generate a fully comprehensive design space in minutes.
  • Respond to ‘what if’ questions in real-time.
  • Guide product development teams through trade-off decisions and implications.

For Clinical Operations

  • Manage uncertainties of enrollment and drop-outs.
  • Determine optimal timing for interim reviews and stopping rules.

Choose the Right Solara Solution For You

Choose the Right Solara Solution For You


Platform Subscription

Empower your in-house team to streamline the end-to-end design process, achieving consensus on the optimal design weeks to months faster. 


Trial Optimization Program

Combine the power of Solara with the knowledge and expertise of our strategic consultants to reveal the optimal trial design for your critical success factors.


Align priorities

Unify statistical design, clinical, and commercial strategy perspectives to create a shared context for success.


Select confidently

Rapidly evaluate thousands of design options and environmental scenario combinations against your success criteria to identify optimal designs.


Execute faster

Accelerate decisions and shorten trial duration by 10-20% for increased profits and proven results that benefit patients sooner.

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