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OK GO is the first commercially available software to support the implementation of a quantitative go/no-go decision-making framework in clinical trials.

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Development of new medical products is time-consuming and expensive. Sponsors’ success relies on their ability to efficiently decide which development candidates to take forward, and which to terminate.

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Sponsors need to make earlier decisions and develop more efficient processes to interpret incoming pre-clinical, clinical, or post-approval data.

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Making correct go and no-go decisions with high confidence is essential to ensure that time and resources are optimally invested and effective products brought to market more quickly.

Defining your trial's decision-making criteria upfront ensures that go/no-go decisions can be made with little delay or bias.


A quantitative decision-making framework allows promising medicines to be accelerated, and ineffective ones to be terminated more quickly.

OK GO Benefits

Improved decision-making leads to improved R&D productivity and innovation, giving the best opportunity to bring effective new medical products to market faster.


  • Improve decision-making speed as decision information can be generated in real-time and scenarios worked through.
  • Streamline communication between stakeholders with consistent, presentation-quality decision plots.
  • Save direct labor costs of statisticians in programming decision criteria.

Features & Options

  • Accommodates most therapeutic areas and endpoints (normal, binomial, survival)
  • Account for historical information using Bayesian models and incorporate adaptive designs with early futility assessments
  • Store and organize computed designs in the OK GO repository
  • Share computed designs simply with other system users
  • Create decision information easily with user-friendly, web-based application

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