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A better way to forecast enrollment

Forecast Enrollment Reliably

EnForeSys is a user-friendly decision tool that leverages simulation methods to predict recruitment milestones with high accuracy. Armed with a reliable probability of success, you can rest assured that your trial will reach its targeted enrollment on time and on budget.

EnForeSys puts you in control of the many factors affecting enrollment. EnForeSys incorporates realistic trial assumptions, based on historical data, into your predictions. You can make data-driven decisions about recruitment, quantifying your confidence in various enrollment strategies with high accuracy. 



Data Driven Forecasts

Using historical site-level data and other elements known to affect enrollment, you can make accurate predictions of your enrollment milestone.

Improved Trial Predictability and Success Rate

Use simulations to calculate a numerical probability of success for all of your strategies.

Reduced Planning and Reporting Time

Explain enrollment strategy to clinical teams with analytics that are easy to communicate.

Enhanced  Strategic Insight

Choose the best strategy given your resources, flag potential challenges, and pave the way to a successful trial.

Guaranteed Feasibility

Assess whether feasibility projections are realistic using simulation.

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