MCP Mod methodology is a combination of MCP (Multiple comparison procedures) and Mod (modeling) approaches (Bornkamp et al., 2009) for fitting a dose-response. This module allows you to design as well as analyze dose-response studies using MCP Mod.

Sample Size and Power Computation based on Optimal Allocation

East now offers users the ability to design dose-finding clinical trials using the MCP Mod methodology. Sample size and power computations can be done with user defined or optimized allocations.

Data Analysis using MCP Mod

East will accept raw subject data, summarized data or data with a covariance matrix for discrete and count data. In the case of continuous data, East only accepts raw data. East can perform multiple contrast tests to control Type I error, adjusting for the fact that multiple candidate dose-response models are being considered.


  • Sample Size and Power Computation based on Optimal Allocation
  • Data Analysis using MCP Mod
  • Wide choice of candidate models
  • Various model selection criteria
  • Flexible dose estimation criteria
  • Capability to incorporate data on covariates


  • Combines the two approaches – MCP and Modelling techniques
  • More robust to model misspecification
  • Flexible Target Dose estimation
  • Control of Type-1 Error
  • More informative phase 2 designs, more solid basis for confirmatory trials
  • Endorsed by Regulators


Continuous, Discrete and Count Endpoint