Plan for Multiplicity Adjustment with East ENDPOINTS

East ENDPOINTS equips users with a premier suite of simulation tools for the construction of trials with multiple endpoints. While useful across several therapeutic areas, multiplicity adjustment presents particular challenges for demonstrating efficacy. East anticipates these challenges and employs advanced statistical calculations to minimize complications.


The first software package to offer serial and parallel gatekeeping, East ENDPOINTS enables the resourceful construction of designs for multiplicity adjustment. By simplifying comparisons of different strategies, East ENDPOINTS enables designers to facilitate the selection of optimal trial designs.

Designers can further augment trust in results by performing a range of sensitivity analyses with respect to the assumptions about design parameters, such as the variations and correlations amongst different endpoints. East ENDPOINTS' advanced statistical methods, intuitive visuals and powerful simulations ensure that the complexities of multiple endpoint designs are easy to communicate to the study team.


  • Multiple primary endpoints
  • Multiple primary and secondary endpoints
  • Serial gatekeeping
  • Parallel gatekeeping
  • Multiple endpoints designs for mixed endpoints