Sample size and power calculations are now at your fingertips with the free East Lite app on iOS. East Lite was developed by the team that brought you East, the industry gold standard for clinical trial design software. The app includes many of the fundamental study design types, and is ideal for making quick calculations in real-time when you won’t need any fancy or expensive tools.



  • Normal, Binomial, and Survival endpoints
  • Survival and Non-inferiority designs
  • Options for variance and test statistic




  • Flexible choices for inputs
  • Fast, accurate, reliable calculations
  • Ideal for statisticians, clinicians, or students


"Frequently, statisticians need to make a sample size or power calculation on the go- whether to check an idea while away from their desk, or answer a question in real-time during a clinical trial planning meeting. East Lite addresses that need."

- Charles Liu, Senior Product Manager, Cytel