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East Hosted

What you need, When you need it, in the cloud

With East Hosted, you can access the East suite when you need it. Welcome to our new hosted, subscription-based service.

Benefits and Features

Powered by Cytel

  • More than 30 years of Excellence in Statistics
  • Comprehensive Software, Services, and Training
  • Pioneers in Adaptive Trial Design Software

Industry Flagship CTS Software

  • Simplifying Trial Design
  • Advancing the Use of Complex Innovative Trial Designs (CID)
  • Complying with FDA CID Guidances
  • Adapting to your CSE Framework

Clear Communication

  • Compelling Designs
  • Powerful Simulations
  • Customizable Data Visualizations
  • Expert Advice for the DMC
  • Shared in Real-time

Flexible Power

  • On Demand Cloud Computing powered
  • Fastest Available Generation of Multiple Adaptive Designs
  • Sensitivity Analysis for Robustness

Trusted Results

  • Fit for Purpose
  • Used to Design Countless Clinical Trials
  • Validated


  • Sample size and power calculations
  • Monitoring Interim Trail Data
  • Determine Trial Success Probability
  • Adaptive Simulations under Multiple Scenarios
  • Proven and Published Methodologies
  • Better Trial Designs, Better Trial Outcomes
  • Text-book Quality Manuals
  • World-renowned statistical experts
  • Advanced Consulting Services

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