Compass® 2.0

The Comprehensive Adaptive Dose-finding Solution

High levels of Phase 3 trial failures often reflect imprecise dose selection during Phase 2. The complexities of designing and implementing early phase dose-finding studies can lead to time-consuming, resource-consuming losses. Traditional Phase 2 development programs often use a sequence of two clinical trials (one trial for proof of concept, followed by another for dose-finding). A single adaptive dose-finding trial can replace these two traditional trials to yield better dose-selection information, plus reduce trial time and size.

The Advantages of Compass

Compass provides the premier comprehensive package for both the design and implementation of adaptive dose-finding clinical trials.

It equips decision-makers with an array of statistical tools to compare and select optimal study designs. Execution and monitoring tools allow users to make confident, informed interim decisions in real time with full documentation and audit trail.

Design: Compass presents a choice selection of trial design options (both Bayesian and Frequentist) not found in any other software package. Informative simulations are fast, accurate and cost-effective, allowing users to compare and contrast design options with ease and frequency.

Execution: Compass uses adaptive tools that rapidly conduct necessary interim analysis for dose-adaptation based on empirical data. All interactions, calculations, and dose-assignments are captured and stored for full documentation.



Play a more strategic role in your organization: Compass simplifies and automates adaptive dose-finding study design and simulation, allowing users to redirect time, attention and critical resources to other vital aspects of clinical trial success.


Convince your team of the merits of your design: Powerful simulations and customizable tables, graphs and charts, facilitate clear communication with colleagues and authorities. Foster a collaborative environment for project teams by sharing designs in real time.


Optimize your trial designs: Rapidly generate multiple adaptive or conventional early phase designs, perform sensitivity analysis to evaluate their robustness to critical assumptions, and use sophisticated tables and graphs to compare and document the operating characteristics of different approaches.


Compass has undergone intensive testing and validation in industry and academia.

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Conduct extensive simulations using an intuitive interface without the need for programming. Simulation outputs are stored in a versatile database structure for easy access during further analyses.

Interim Monitoring Dashboard

Easily collate data from diverse arms of a clinical trial for efficient trial-wide monitoring. Useful summary tables and plots allow for simplified interaction with interim data.

Information Transfer

Enjoy straightforward data transfers that swiftly export randomization data and import response data.

Flexible Decision Rules

Benefit from complex tools that aid decision-making on early stopping, adaptive dose-arm dropping, and trial extensions. Additional functions can be added through R-code.

Trial Integrity

Access a log file that details all interim monitoring calculations and decisions to confirm a trial’s integrity.t