Anticipating Bias Can Save a Trial

Easy Randomization in Real Time:

Improves Balance, Reduces Bias

Despite advances in trial design methodology, it remains difficult to predict interim randomization needs at the outset of a trial. Even when possible, costly implementation and unanticipated biases can lead to the termination of promising research. FlexRandomizer provides randomization for both blind and double-blind studies, with a view to supporting the needs of decision-makers in real-time.

The Advantages of FlexRandomizer

Capitalizing on Cytel’s record of providing statistical expertise and powerful simulations, FlexRandomizer secures an unprecedented standard of randomization for all phases of a clinical trial. It provides efficient centralized randomization methods, built with attention to cost and timeliness. All the major regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical companies use FlexRandomizer.

The Benefits


Our software simplifies your work, freeing your time to play a more strategic role in your organization. Centralized adaptive randomization requires smaller sample sizes and avoids costly mistakes in implementation, leading to greater productivity and higher likelihood of trial success.


FlexRandomizer provides premium tools for randomization, allocation and forecasting that integrate seamlessly with existing IT. Adaptive capacities support randomization needs during all phases of the clinical trial.


Cytel’s innovative randomization tools facilitate informed, collaborative decision-making that propels clinical trials towards successful completion.


FlexRandomizer is used by regulatory agencies and all the major biopharmaceutical companies. FlexRandomizer makes use of the CytelRAND Engine for randomization, currently in use by numerous companies including EDC provider Medidata Solutions and the CRO International Drug Development Institute. Our software has been fully validated and widely tested.

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