Custom Tools:

Increase Efficiency and Productivity with custom software developments

Cytel delivers practical, user-friendly tools that solve the toughest clinical development problems and power innovation.  Our customized tools and interfaces enable you to fully optimize your design and development strategy, enhance your analytical capabilities, and overcome bottlenecks.

We create tools that solve problems and enhance processes for our clients across clinical development from trial design through to bioinformatics.  Our clients include all of the top 30 pharmaceutical companies, as well as many niche drug and device developers.

Nobody does 'custom' better

Over 30 years, we have developed a foundation of tools and algorithms ranging from custom R Shiny Apps to Bayesian tools.  Our consultants will work with you to identify the best software approach to address your specific development problem before completing the required customization in our validated environment. You and your team will benefit from a fully integrated, supported, and documented solution from a single supplier.

Cytel helps customers across all therapeutic areas, including complex and rare diseases, as well as in emerging fields such as ML-based diagnostics and gene therapy. Our case histories and client roster speak volumes for our success as an integrated software supplier.

Services at-a-glance


  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Go/No-Go Decision Making
  • Bayesian and frequentist design adaptive tools
  • Custom tools to facilitate regulatory review of simulation and analysis codes 
    • Tools for enrolment and event prediction
  • Training on software and underlying methods


  • Bioinformatics custom tool (for example tools for gene-networks and)
  • Visualization and feature extraction from high dimensional data 

Machine Learning and Real-World Data

  • Real-world data tools for monitoring and analysis of post-marketing registry data
  • Tools for visualization and feature extraction from high dimensional data like images and sensor signals, 
    • Custom Machine Learning (ML) tools
  • Training on tools and the underlying methodologies