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Releasing the Potential of RWD

Real World Evidence

A world-renowned strategic healthcare consultancy

Highly qualified MDs and PhDs, our strategic consultants include quantitative strategists and regulatory, clinical, medical, and health policy experts.

Our track record of supporting complex drug and device development programs spans the regulatory, clinical, statistics, pharmacometrics, data science, and commercial spectrum.

Our people are widely published, internationally prominent thought leaders who collaborate with an extensive network of health professionals from industry, academic institutions, and government bodies.

Most significantly, they are the trusted, ‘go-to’ team for sponsors ranging from the largest pharmaceutical and device companies to small, niche start-ups.



Navigate development and reimbursement complexities

Our strategic consulting team helps you to optimize your regulatory, clinical, and market access pathways, by identifying appropriate strategies and using data to support the decision-making process at every stage, from concept to commercialization. 

Whether for Rx medicines, medical devices or over the counter (OTC) products, we share your ambition to bring new products to market quickly, efficiently and safely - with the utmost scientific rigor and to the maximum benefit of patients.

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Ensuring Quantitative Strategies & Data Science stay at the core of your clinical development decision-making process.

Adaptive Strategies

Adaptive Strategies

Navigate the path to safer, more productive, successful trials

Custom Tools

Custom Tools

Increase Efficiency and Productivity with custom software developments

Discovery & Diagnostics

Discovery & Diagnostics

Cutting edge data analytics for today’s advanced big data technologies

Operations Research

Operations Research

Advanced analytics for better decisions 

Quantitative Pharmacology & Pharmacometrics

Quantitative Pharmacology & Pharmacometrics

Right drug, right dose, right time,

right patient

Real World Analytics

Real World Analytics and Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Supporting smarter clinical development