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The software collaboration with Cytel has added value to our decision-making approach. The creation of consistent, presentation quality decision plots eases communication between stakeholders. With this software tool in place decision information can now be generated in real-time. As well as saving time for the statisticians and the clinical project team, improving decision making will help us develop the right medicines, and get these medicines to patients faster.
James Matcham
Head ECD Biometrics

The Cytel Process

With a unique combination of biostatistics and software development expertise, Cytel delivers practical, user-friendly tools to solve clinical development problems and power innovation. Whether you need a dedicated software tool to enhance an existing approach, or to underpin a brand new process, our experienced team will guide you each step of the way using our tried and tested process.

How we can help

  • Assess trial design performance
  • Mitigate portfolio risks with quantitative go/no-go decision-making software
  • Manage costs with efficient and flexible randomization systems
  • Meet regulatory demands with robust clinical trial workflow and document management platforms
  • Increase efficiency through automated approaches to data visualization
  • Reduce uncertainty with customized enrollment planning solutions

Case Study


Robust go/no-go decision-making is essential for effectively managing risk across a clinical portfolio. AstraZeneca’s quantitative standard decision-making framework was well established, but they wanted to enhance the efficiency of the existing process, and reduce the burden on statisticians.


Cytel statisticians and software developers created a user friendly software interface to accommodate a Bayesian as well as Frequentist go/no-go framework.


The user-friendly software interface has positively impacted the way the statistician and other clinical stakeholders work and the speed at which decisions can be made.

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