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Real-world Implementation of Drug Therapies Webinar Series

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Cytel is excited to host a three part complimentary webinar series, focusing on Real-world implementation of drug therapies: non-adherence and non-persistence as major barriers to replicate trial results in clinical practice.

"Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them." Still, this famous quote by former US Surgeon General C. Everett Coop applies. Despite modern technologies such as digital applications to promote medication taking, non-adherence and non-persistence remain a major concern around the real-world implementation of therapies.  

This webinar series addresses the topics of non-adherence and non-persistence by exploring:

  • How they influence real-world effectiveness and safety of a therapy in deviation from clinical trials
  • How non-adherence and on-persistence can be measured in the real world
  • Which causes might explain non-adherence and non-persistence
  • How effective adherence/-promoting interventions could be developed and implemented

During this webinar series attendees will learn the:  

  • Definition and measurement of non-adherence/non-persistence in real-world data 
  • Classification of non-adherence/non-persistence causes & measurement of these 
  • Development of adherence/persistence-promoting interventions: dos & don’ts 

The webinars in this series will feature the below topics: 

  • Non-adherence & non-persistence: concept and clinical relevance 
  • Measurement of non-adherence and non-persistence: A systematic overview of methods and their advantages/disadvantages
  • Causes of non-adherence and non-persistence: Classification, measurement, and implementation of adherence-promoting interventions  

Meet the speakers: 

  • Thomas Wilke, Principal Scientist 

  • Sabrina Muller, Senior Director

Meet the Speakers

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