Remembering Sarah Fuller

We mourn the loss of Sarah Fuller who passed away on October 29, 2017, at the age of 68. Ms. Fuller served as an instrumental and respected member of Cytel’s board of directors for over 10 years. An influential figure in the pharmaceutical information services sector, Ms. Fuller was the co-founder of Decision Resources Inc., a leading research and advisory firm.  Ms. Fuller also served as Executive Chairman of Millennium Prevention Inc., as a board director of The Forbes Consulting Group, and continued to act as President Emeritus of Decision Resources.  Through her work as Chairman and a director, she was also a generous contributor to the work of Cultural Survival, a non-profit organization that promotes the vision, rights and voice of indigenous people.  Her varied and impressive career made her an inspiration to many people.  

Ranganath Nayak, CEO of Cytel; Cyrus Mehta, President and Co-Founder of Cytel; Nitin Patel, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Cytel; and Per Lofberg, President of Caremark Pharmacy Services, (who worked alongside Sarah as a Cytel board member) share their tributes:

"I knew Sarah from 1986, when we met at Arthur D. Little, Inc. I had the greatest respect, admiration and affection for her. I invited her onto Cytel's Board. She was a remarkable Board Member, always available to discuss knotty issues, provide advice, and help resolve difficult problems. I will miss her very much." Ranganath Nayak

“Sarah brought a balance to our board meetings by her thoughtful and calm presence. She was extremely positive about Cytel's future and I am so glad that she was able to remain actively engaged right to the end, as our merger discussions with New Mountain Capital came to fruition. Her early death is a tragic loss to all of us.”  Cyrus Mehta

 “Sarah was a key contributor to Cytel's performance from the first board meeting she attended. She was always full of energy and her unique blend of enthusiasm, humor, and balanced judgment helped Cytel’s leadership team to find a way forward in several difficult situations.”  Nitin Patel

 “I will remember Sarah fondly, both as a fellow director of Cytel and as President of Decision Resources, where I served as a board member in years past. Sarah was always kind, thoughtful and brought valuable insights to whatever was being discussed. I deeply regret her premature passing.” Per Lofberg

We express our gratitude for the service Sarah Fuller gave to Cytel and the wider industry, and our condolences to her family and friends.