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Keeping the Promise: 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of the Promising Zone Design

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Ten years ago, a seminal paper published by Cytel Founder Cyrus Mehta, introduced the Promising Zone Design to statistical audiences. Responding to the number of underpowered studies conducted across the industry, the intuitive new design made it simpler to optimize study samples while de-risking a clinical trial. 

Since then, the promising zone has been implemented in about thirty trials, and its uses have continued to evolve. Additional to its uses for powering trials to ensure high statistical rigor, the design has proven instrumental for allocating scarce resources towards the most high-potential therapies, and even configuring clinical trial design to a staged financial strategy.

Cytel celebrates 10 Years of the Promising Zone with a series of webinars and panel discussions on the past and future of this groundbreaking design.

Through the courses, panels and webinars provided in this series you will learn about:

  • The statistical foundations, theoretical insights and future evolution of the promising zone design;
  • The enterprising strategic initiatives made possible by the promising zone, from stage-gated investing to principled resource allocation;
  • The future promise of the promising zone with insights from yet unpublished work by Cyrus Mehta.

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Celebrate the Promising Zone Design! Cytel celebrates the ten year anniversary of this transformative design with a series of webinars, panel discussions, quizzes and testimonials. Celebrate along using #PromisingZone.

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